creative hub in the heart of vienna

Founded in 2012 under ODAADA, commonroom is a vibrant community center and creative hub located in Vienna’s 8th district. It provides a safe, inclusive space for artists, creatives, children, and adults to explore and share their passions. We organize workshops, events, exhibitions, team meetings, birthday parties, and social projects across various creative disciplines like ceramics, drawing, dance, and music.

Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages to develop their creative autonomy and contribute to our vibrant community. We offer four annual course phases with about 12 courses each in ceramics, archaeology, yoga, dance, and music. Detailed course lists are available for children and adults. Throughout the year, we also offer specialized workshops such as ceramics, drawing, ceramics painting, plant printing, and sound baths.

Since 2019, commonroom has also hosted the commoncafe, a place for participants to connect and spend time together outside of class hours. We collaborate with creative individuals, feature them in our newsletters, and encourage them to define their own identities.

Autonomy is central to our identity. We support artists in finding a community and starting their own brands or journeys, avoiding unproductive competition and focusing on sharing and caring. Fairness and equality are essential to us.

Commonroom feels like a home away from home, where hugs, kind words, and big smiles are abundant. Our active, volunteer-driven community is strong and connected, and we take pride in being a part of it.

Join us and be part of our vibrant, supportive community!



phone: 0699 10545679

address: Florianigasse 54, gl4, 1080 Wien

account name: odaada – Verein für Kunst, Design und Kreativität

account number: AT08 2011 1825 1740 9200


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