creative hub in the heart of vienna

commonroom is an open platform for artists, creatives, children and adults. for all ages we organize various workshops and events, exhibitions, creative team meetings, birthday parties and social projects. Ceramics, drawings, dance, music and many more…

at the heart of 8th district of Vienna we come together to share our know-how and our passion for and through different creative mediums. We enjoy being together and empower each other.  

we are always happy to cooperate with creative individuals and include them in our newsletters and encourage them to define their own identities. commonroom’s most important aspect of its identity is it`s idea of autonomy. Our platform supports artists and creative people to find a community and start up their own individual brands or journeys. We care to avoid unproductive competition and stress, sharing and caring are the main ideas that we dwell on. being fair and taking an equal position to everyone is very important for us.

commonroom is home away home for many. it’s our common livingroom. we feel so happy at our lovely studio together. hugs, kind words, big smiles… children & adults who want to stay longer and longer. That’s how we all feel happy and how we grow together. We are such an active community blooming from the heart. as a non-profit organization we manage our activities with lots of volunteer work. 

we feel strong and connected with our community and want our community to be proud of being a part of it.


come and join us!



phone: 0699 10545679

address: Florianigasse 54, gl4, 1080 Wien

account name: odaada – Verein für Kunst, Design und Kreativität

account number: AT08 2011 1825 1740 9200


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