types of classes


24 Apr 2022


10:00 am - 3:00 pm



3d printing: design vases

24.04. 10.00-15.00
adults (kids 14+ with computer experience welcome)
max 8 – min 3 attendees
price. 112 Euros
bring your own laptops
3d drawing app will be setup
get ready to digitally design and 3d print your own beautiful geometric vases and plant pots.
with easy to apply methods you will be able to create complex ornaments and discover a new form of language.
you will learn all the skills needed in a 3d design app for beginners.
3d printed projects will be ready to pick 1 week after the workshop.
all materials included, no experience required.
*erkin graduated in architectural design from the technical university of Vienna and loves to combine creative things with technical stuff. he owns his own company, wunderwuzzi roboter, robot kids for children. he also does workshops and events and is an official 3d print trainer.