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18 - 22 Jul 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm



african kings and queens

18-22 july. 09:00-15:00. ages 6+ bring a lunch box or 50 euros for a freshly cooked lunch each day If someone asked you who the richest people in history were, who would you name? How about King Mansa Musa, King of the Great Mali Empire. Were there any Queens in Africa? How about Queen Idia of the Benin Kingdom? Africa was home to several ancient kingdoms with remarkable innovations and accomplishments. Join me as we travel back in time to meet some of these powerful rulers and their contributions. we will play games, craft, paint and have so much fun! leah is from kenya and is an english teacher here in vienna who loves crafts, has two kids and is a passionate student of african studies!

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