celebration day for girls-positive periods

05.05 18:00-20:00
and 07.05 10:00-16:30
do you remember your first period?
what would you like this experience to be like for your daughter?
a celebration day for girls™ is a workshop for 9-12-year-old girls and their mothers or female carers.
our goal is to support you both as you navigate the changes of puberty and early menstrual cycling together.
the day blends fun activities, arts and craft, practical tips for body literacy, storytelling and relaxed conversations.
we want to empower girls to have ease and trust in their changing bodies, so they can be happier and more resilient and focus on the things they love to do.
what’s included?
the program is delivered on two dates:
1: session for mothers/carers (1 hr, May 5)
prior to the full-day workshop, this is an opportunity for you to meet the facilitator, find out more, and check in with what you’d like for your daughter/special girl.
2: full-day for girls, women join at lunch (6 hrs, May 7)
girls are dropped off in the morning. You then return just before lunch, for the remainder of the day.
95€ per adult/child pair
sibling discount (40€ for second child)
about the Facilitator:
elissa is a certified celebration day for girls™ facilitator and experienced secondary school teacher. she is a native english speaker living in vienna.
email to reserve.
VISIT: @celebrationdayforgirls


05 May 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm