EDA – inter ballet (8+)

EDA, Wien provide imaginative and inspiring dance classes for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Our specially structured classes introduce children to the important foundations of ballet and dance through imagination and adventure, carefully laying down the all important technical elements without children even realising they are learning!

Ballet technique, musicality, rhythm, poise, posture, performance skills and musical appreciation and interpretation are further developed  in a fun yet structured manner (because we at the EDA do not believe that fun and discipline need to be mutually exclusive!)

After the Pre-Ballet classes children follow both syllabus and freework, as well as learning choreography, mime and improvisation to enhance their performance skills.

Children are introduced to the barre from Preliminary level upwards and may work towards (optional) examinations and costumed performances.

Classes will continue at all levels and abilities and pupils are welcome to choose their own path – whether that be to take their technique to a professional level or simply to attend for fun, fitness and friendship!

things to note:

  • Our innovative classes are taught in a way that allow children to learn naturally thus encouraging, not only the development of technique in dance, but also many important skills for life!   
  • All classes are suitable for boys and girls and our aim is to develop friendships and build confidence, through imagination and adventure, so as to create memories that will last a lifetime. 
  • All classes are taught in English but the smiles are universal!

About Katy Geertsen

As a professional dance teacher and dancer, Katy is excited to be teaching at the English Dance Academy Wien, where her creative and technical talents fit perfectly with the school’s ethos of providing imaginative and inspiring dance classes that develop not only technique in dance but important skills for life.


28 May 2024


5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
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