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verena mochar was for 12 years the Director of MUSIC TOGETHER/VIENNA. She got training at the Center of Young Children in Princeton/USA. She has a BA in Musicology, German Literature and Early Childhood Education. From early age on she took classes in Classical Singing and Jazz in Carinthia, Vienna and New York and she performed in several concerts.

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30 Sep 2021


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm




Everyone is welcome

This is an informal book club, we want to have fun and discuss the book in a fun way! We will meet once a month, and decide the next month’s book at the meeting, all suggestions welcome. We are open to all of your ideas and hope the club will evolve and grow with your input! We will discuss themes and topics. Questions and thinking points will be on hand for you if needed. There is a cafe/bar for you to order drinks and food, small snacks will be provided

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