in conversation with: ria edlinger and gabriel levc

“political correctness is taking away freedom of speech”, “political correctness is necessary to overcome discrimination”, “political correctness is deforming the language” – the topic of political correctness has been agitating people and polarizing opinions for the past few years.
but what exactly does it mean to speak politically correct? how is political correctness relating to freedom of speech? can a change of language actually have an effect on the world?
in a talk combining points of political philosophy and philosophy of language, anna-maria edlinger and gabriel levc will try to shed light on these and other questions, while examining popular everyday arguments for and against political correctness.
*about the speakers: anna-maria edlinger is studying philosophy and political science at the university of vienna. she is especially interested in political philosophy and political theory, in understanding the current social world and thinking about what a good society could look like. next to her theoretical interests, she is engaging in political activism, being the founder of the independent political initiative “DU A – Die unabhängige Alternative”.
*gabriel levc is a master‘s degree student at the philosophy department of the university of vienna. in his research, he is primarily interested in communicative effects that go beyond what is literally said. currently, he is interested in the mechanisms speakers can utilize to avoid commitment to the things they claim.
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19 May 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm