transforming conversations – longing for community: belonging in the theatre

dr. emine fisek

In contemporary societies where novel forms of mass media have overtaken more traditional artistic media, theatre -possibly the most “ancient” of arts- still plays a surprisingly widespread role for opening up spaces of community and belonging. From various immigrant theatres in Paris, to Turkish theatre groups in London, people still discover and reflect on the complexities of their identities through this traditional art medium and form new spaces of belonging. So, what might it mean to think of theatre as a space of community and belonging? In this talk, we will consider key moments from theatre history, from the massive urban theatres of Ancient Greece to the melodramas of the German enlightenment to nineteenth-century Ottoman shadow puppetry to think through theatre’s ability to cultivate identity and belonging.

About Emine Fisek

Emine Fişek is Research Associate in the Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ISR) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. A native of Istanbul, Fişek received her BA in English Literature and Theatre from Swarthmore College, and her PhD in Performance Studies from the University of California-Berkeley. For more information about Emine:


13 Jun 2024


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


free entry