taught by jack midgley and susanne greiner from language FUNatics 

mondays 16:00-17:30

6 weeks

22.05, 29.05, 05.06, 12.06, 19.06, 26.06 

145 EUROS 

 ages 8-12

what will the kids do each week?

children will build confidence and speaking skills. they will make their own props, costumes, write their own scripts, find their own music, maybe even delve into lighting! the whole experience of production and stage craft!

children will learn how to work as an ensemble, by the end of the 7 weeks we will perform a show for parents and family!

we will explore play and what it means to be an actor, improvising as well as scripted acting!

they may be 8-12, but they can still produce amazing, dramatic, hilarious performances. sometimes kids on stage can make you laugh uncontrollably or cry cathartically. I know, I’ve seen it. 

are they ready for the challenge? 


come on! Let’s do it!

about language FUNatics:

*our goal is to provide a clear & articulated pedagogic theater process for children and teens to follow coherently, without big complicated textbooks, and produce a visible end result: their amazing final performances! 

english is our study, play is our game and performance is our end result. 

*language FUNatics is a creative english learning group, located in vienna. children, teens & adults engage more with our subject matter, build confidence quickly and thrive in the “project constructed” learning environment.

*our structure is both pedagogic and FUN. we’re here to give a positive learning experience. That doesn’t mean, it’s all fun and games. it’s a challenge, that’s what makes it exciting.

*our experience shows: the more the kids/teenages engage in our project learning environment- the more they will practice alone at home or in their spare time. 

about jack and susanne 

*jack is a working actor, he also holds a B.A hon in drama from the university of huddersfield.

*susanne is a working director, she’s worked with many directors around europe. she has hosted shows and performed as an actress herself. 

*they have worked with: english for children, berlitz, bravo english, ferien 4 kids, kreative english & delivered their programme to 1000’s of children & young adults.