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      embossing clay – 27.04.24

      with belinda kröll & özlem önen


      the clay’s surface holds vast potential and offers ample space for creativity. join us as we enjoy the fascinating realm of printing on clay, using both belinda’s expertise and your own unique stamp designs. together, we’ll explore the interplay of colours, textures, tools, and stamps, combining various techniques to achieve distinctive surface designs that are …

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      stained glass – 13.04.24

      with tamara macas


      learn to make stained glass with tamara! this class specializes in the copper foil technique and you will learn all the skills to create and take home your own suncatcher. we have all the materials and beginner friendly patterns you need. please be aware that this workshop involves handling and breaking glass, soldering, and working with chemicals. PPE …

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      stamp carving – 13.04.24

      with belinda kröll

      13.04. saturday


      join us as on a journey into the world of pattern design. in this workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to create their unique stamp, delving into the art of crafting and carving. discover different creative techniques for crafting repeating patterns and explore the endless possibilities together.

      you’ll take home your own crafted stamps

      + suitable for all …