We organize exhibitions, events and seminars

We also rent our space! If you are in need of some room for creating your own projects; organizing exhibitions, crafty theme workshops, team building activities or birthday parties we can offer you a space in a perfect location.

open stage exhibition, four female artists interpretation of our women’s day open mic night. Mella Plattner, Romana Maalouf, Anita Hussey, Paige Michutka, 26.03.22-26.04.22

here are my bears by Matthew Downham, 26.02.22-26.03.22

ceramic & art exhibition (Thom Harding, Teresa Takeuchi, Ellen Levenhagen, Mark Kolinski, Julianne Luzynski),  14-15. 12.2018

confidently lost, a photo exhibition by tega agege, 24-26.08.2018

yuva home, 13-15.05.2018

gia marie houck, fotografieausstellung, 28.05-04.06.2016

being simone carneiro, 30.08.2013

jazz optisch, 18-31.05.2013

raki nikahetiya, fotografieausstellung, 19-20.01.2013

rebii yetis, fotografieausstellung, 08.12.2012