the window cleaning manifesto

by Justin orloff

 28.04. sunday,


minimum donation 20€

all income will be transferred to creative community fund to sponsor people with dyslexia.

this workshop is to create the foundational skills of how to clean a window professionally. it is open to age 9-99 and to all levels.

Justin here from “Orloff’s Window Cleaning Training” Firstly, just a reminder “I love window cleaning” I have been a window cleaner for 25 years, and there are still a few good years left in me. But I can only clean so many windows in person on my own. I want more dirty windows and to help more people have a clear view. 

What Drives Me: The „before“ and „after“ Transfor­mation: There’s something deeply satisfying about witnessing the transformation that a clean window can bring. I’ve spent most of my career self-employed because I believe in the adage, „Find a Job you love and never work a day in your life.“ My journey as a window cleaner is driven by my passion for creating change and enhancing lives through clear views.


for more information about Justin and his service you can visit his page: