yoga workshop-find the right style for you



this 3 hours session will give the chance to try out four different yoga styles: kundalini, yin, hatha and vinyasa.

hatha yoga is the foundation of all modern practices. the literal translation of hatha is sun (ha) moon (Tha) and it implies a practice meant to balance the passive and assertive energies present in every living being through movement.

gentler than vinyasa and more physically demanding than a yin practice, hatha is perfect for beginners and advanced students alike, always encouraging the practitioner to bring an open mind and deeper sense of self awareness to the mat every single time.

and kundalini is known for its transformative benefits, the practice of kundalini yoga builds physical strength and stamina and enhances cognitive function, emotional fitness, and spiritual connection. many people describe the experience as exhilarating, euphoric, and powerful. 

55 euros
EDA – kundalini, yin, restorative and menopause yoga 
ANJA – hatha and vinyasa
HONOROSA – yin, cardio dance