in the name of peace and love!​

commonroom is such a great community.

it has started with couple of us and now we are more than 2000 friends who announced their engagements via newsletter or any other social media agents. and we know that we are reaching out even more people by sharing our vision and inspiring and encouraging them.

that`s very important for us to tell about our friends and honour them by their names. please forgive us and also remind us for any dear friend who we forgot to mention. and please don´t hesitate to correct any information.

this will be also a kind of a time line for commonroom`s small history.

first seed

we have started everything to open an architectural studio with, isben, sun and özlem. then we decided to place an ceramic studio aside with müge. we worked very hard altogether at our very lovely first place at kaiserstrasse and made it our first space. we never forget the days of renovation there. thanks to meltem, rebii and all other friends who helped to create that first home. then things are evolved and changed and we decided to keep it only as commonroom. müge was the name mother of our journey.

first exhibition

we decided to establish an association and opened our association with the exhibition of rebii yetis. he still supports us whenever we need a brain or a designer and also a master of construction.

first ceramic classes

by the time to trying to figure out what is going to happen next? julianne came into the atelier and she made it possible for commonroom to make this lovely space working as a ceramic atelier.

feet on the ground, head at the sky

then we met begüm as one of the luckiest times of our journey. her bright mind and very much cultivated communication skills has changed everything. we worked hard and hard and harder! commonroom has started to be settling better and better.

first cooperation partners and more and more friends

we were so happy to grow and to evolve. we started to crate our website and other communication channels and friends have started to find us. one of them was teressa, a ceramic artist and teacher. she is an important friend of commonroom and was an important partner of commonroom to help us establish our structure and classes at our new place at florianigasse. there ellen joined us and then thom and then rachael.

another challenge, another chance

we needed to move out from our studio at kaiserstrasse. we rent our back room at the beginning regarding our limited budget. then the first big challenge came and we needed to rent the whole space with the very dear support of, beth, monika, lilliana, audrey and kaitlin. we said they are the first angels of commonroom.

growing together

then the race has started and we are still a team with all our teachers and creative pioneers. paper studio with hye was another milestone at commonroom. we worked very hard to set different workshops with many many artist. anna, bernard, beste, julia and ….

first dance classes

it was such a happy day for us to start our dance classes and it´s a real success story. thanks to katy to be a part of commonroom and to be one of the pioneers of commonroom. she created an amazing community with her passion for dance and teaching.

our ambassadors

we said all our friends who supported us sincerely are “ambassadors of commonroom”. they shared all the events, newsletters and invited their friends. we always appreciated the times to be together and their efforts of making our space as a community room, commonroom. anastasia was one of them who supported us by the social media and sherry afterwards. even they move away they are still very dear friends of us and still go on supporting and sharing and spreading our joy.

development and science also brighten us

commonroom is an open platform. it makes it so lively and dynamic. that´s why it makes possible for friends to search for their ideas and to evolve their journey with our community. it´s the power of starting up, entrepreneurship and fresh energy of rising ideas. that is such a proud to have dorota, sarah, seda and erkin on the board.

hard times, strong community

as all of us live hard times trough corona, commonroom had a great chance to engage with its community and friends more and more. we are so thankful to all of our friends who supported us. ivana, joanna, vienna family network, deniz.

searching for a better structure

to evolve things to a sustainable structure we are seeking for different instruments and channels. our website is one of them. livia made it possible for us to establish such an amazing structure and make it working. respect! ivana supports voluntarily for reaching out more people with her marketing skills