a decade of impact

for the past 10 years, commonroom has been a beacon of creativity, focusing on art, design, and inclusivity. it is a years-long journey that gathers people around the idea of creativity and sharing by using the form of creative events like workshops, gatherings, exhibitions etc. we have always actively invited all individuals, especially children, by inviting them into our activities. collaborations with esteemed institutions like universities, achtsamer8, ariadne, and interface have amplified our social projects, and lately, we made our first EU Erasmus+  application.

inclusive community building

commonroom (odaada) is more than a physical space; it’s a sanctuary for creative minds from diverse backgrounds. we offer an open platform where artists, makers, and thinkers collaborate, learn, and grow together with an open minded community. not kind of a mass event management but focusing on artists, makers and their work individually creates unique experiences for our community.

a safe space

commonroom tries to define an inclusive approach and welcoming, cozy ambience. we aim to live in commonroom as a creative hub as a safe place to be present, create and communicate. safe space means also for commonroom to manage a climate that supports and inspires participants to try to experience their own personal journeys either in creative or social practices. during challenging times in corona, our community rallied together, and we managed a crowdfunding nourished around the spirit of “home away from home.“

support, mentorship and inspiration

we support our community by trying to manage a holistic approach and we try to define our relation with our cooperation partners on an equal and fair ground. that’s why it’s important for us to mention names of the executors together with the name of the program. we put forward our partners as owners of their programs because we are against anonymous events created by big brands. programs like the english dance academy and sculpting with ana and many more have flourished under our roof, empowering creatives to become independent entities. for example our most recent collaboration, ancient forms, with renowned archaeologist dr. alexandra dolea, stands testament to our commitment to unconventional thinking. this cross-disciplinary venture became the core of an EU project and empowered alexandra to transform her professional path. ancient forms is a shining example of our dedication to innovative partnerships within our mentorship.

creative workshops, especially ceramics

at the heart of commonroom (odaada) there are our creative workshops, particularly our celebrated ceramic classes. these workshops provide a safe space for individuals to express their creativity and develop valuable skills. through hands-on experiences, participants explore the intricate art of ceramics, fostering a deeper connection with their artistic features. it is at the core of commonroom to avoid and decentralize any kind of elite approaches to creativity and ceramics.

community reach and data-driven insights

with an online presence, commonroom reach thousands monthly. we’re embracing digitalization to enhance our operations. we sell all our tickets online and try to be consistent as much as possible. we know that this approach can ensure that every decision, including the organization of our creative activities, can be backed by data-driven insights. this integration of technology and creativity will form the backbone of our success.

networking and partnership opportunities

we’re passionate about supporting artists in reaching diverse networks. through commonroom’s vibrant community, artists are connected to a multitude of opportunities, enabling them to expand their reach and impact.

volunteering and exchange as an alternative business model

then commonroom owes its existence to the dedication and generosity of countless individuals who have contributed through their hard work and support. while their numbers are vast, it is crucial to express gratitude to these wonderful people. although the list of contributors is extensive, it is worth mentioning that commonroom actively engages in both volunteering and exchange programs, offering assistance in areas such as digitalization, social media management, studio projects, and special events. this collaborative effort highlights the essence of our alternative trade model, built on the spirit of community and mutual support.