commonroom(odaada) is a registered non-profit organization (ODAADA, Verein für Kunst, Design und Kreativität) recognized by Bundeskanzleramt und Bundesregierung.

how we are funded

our funding comes from a diverse array of sources, with one of our primary income channels being the events we organize. these events serve as not only a source of income but also a vibrant platform for creativity, bringing together a wide range of talents and voices. private individuals and organizations who feel inspired to support the commonroom community contribute significantly to our vision.
our community encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals, including local artists and various minority groups, such as people of color, immigrants from all over the world and of multiple generations, women and girls, 2SLGBTQIA+ folks. we are deeply grateful for the unwavering support we receive from these passionate contributors.
in addition to financial support, we also benefit from in-kind expertise from professionals in their respective fields. much of what we do is made possible by these experts who generously offer their time on a pro-bono basis, along with the dedication of volunteers who assist with everyday operational activities. this collaborative effort helps us realize our vision of commonroom as a thriving hub of creativity and inclusivity.

how we spend

our spending is overseen by our administration team, which is led by özlem taskin önen and dr. h. isben önen, who hold responsibility for the governance of the organization. in line with our mission to support creative endeavors that are socially impactful, personally transformative, and communally meaningful, our donations are allocated to meet our most pressing needs for maintaining our core operations as well as bettering our programs so what we offer better serves our community in shaping a more just, inclusive, sustainable, and hopeful world for all