ancient forms: a pottery journey


join us for a unique pottery journey that combines archaeological discoveries with the ancient art of crafting clay! 

our class will company you on a creative path through art and history, while you detach from the everyday life struggles and invest more in yourself. in this hands-on workshop, you will:

  • discover how people lived and created thousands of years ago
  • learn pottery-making techniques dating back to ancient times
  • create your unique pottery pieces inspired by artifacts
  • pursue new passions and do more of what you love

no experience needed: whether you’re an advanced potter or a first-time creator, this event welcomes all skill levels. We will provide step-by-step assistance, ensuring your journey into the past is both enjoyable and rewarding.

during the class, you’ll create your own pieces and sometimes we can colour them on the same day with underglazes through various techniques. the last two weeks of the classes are dedicated to applying glazing and finishing your pieces.  the price includes all materials (clay, tools, and glazes) and firing.

özlem has been a pottery artisan and architect for about 20 years and she will introduce you to the world of clay.

alexandra is a doctor in ancient history and archaeology. she has been participating in numerous excavation projects for over 15 years and she will acquaint you with the everyday life of ancient people and their ceramics.


we have spots available